Veroniqua Alexy: Pas De Deux

CAUSE TO CONVERSE Interview Series: In today's episode, Tina and Veroniqua talk about arts, culture, ballet, photography, ... and life itself. A friendly pre-XMas talk to a WA Ballet Co former Principal Dancer (West Australian Ballet was established by Madame Kira Bousloff – the first ballet company formed in Australia that is still in existence today), the Australia-New Zealand archbishop Sergij (Theodosy) Putilin's granddaughter, and a photo artist who was born in Germany of Russian parents and immigrated with her family to Australia. Her photographic style is unique and has evolved into a completely different art form, incorporating her love of painting and photography, changing the outlook of one’s perception of a photograph. Her love of colour and light is evident throughout her work.

Серия интервью ПОВОД ПОГОВОРИТЬ: Гость студии - Балерина и фотохудожник Вероника Алекси (Александрова). Тема сегодняшнего разговора: - Искусство, культура, балет, фотография... и сама жизнь.

  • English subtitles available.