Behind the Scenes

Писательница Галина Артемьева (Лифшиц) посетила Перт, 32 параллель, сопровождая мужа, пианиста Константина Лифшица участника одного из ежегодных фестивалей старейшего международного арт-фестиваля Южного полушария P.I.A.F ( Perth International Arts Festival). Вот ее ощущения и ее мнение:

One of the highlights of the Russian Resurrection Film Festival 2019 has to be Journey to China: Mystery of the Dragon Seal. Not only does the film provide a sequel to the popular Forbidden Empire (2014), launching wayward explorer Jonathan Green towards even more fantastical adventures, but it also stars a phenomenal international cast, including Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Charles Dance, Jason Flemyng and Rutger Hauer. The film Director Oleg Stepchenko just landed on Australian soil in Perth, 32 Parallel. Одним из главных событий крупнейшего кинофестиваля Russian Resurrection Film Festival,представляющего российский кинематограф за рубежом (Русское возрождение 2019), стал премьерный показ фильма «Путешествие в Китай: Тайна печати дракона». Говорит Олег Степченко:

Tina VK is a great broadcaster and interviewer! Larry Sitsky, Emeritus professor at Australian National University, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Tina and Irina! Good job promoting me in Australia! Right after the Mozart concert in Perth, Irina spontaniously said: "Aksel - we´re going to Melbourne!" And few hours later, we did. And what got out if it? Two major interviews at thelegendary SBS Radio. One in French with Journalist and producer Jean-Noel Ducasse and one in Russian/English with Sima Tsyskin. Many thanks to Ilia! Great pictures!! That was great fun!!

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