"ANTIPODE's View on Europe" Art Show: Modern Gladiator

Human as the one and only coordinate system in our world... /Australian journalist and photographer DASHA MELNIK /

Путешествие есть победа над жизнью /Николай Рерих/

Новый Гладитор на представленном на выставке фото? ПОЧУВСТВАТЬ ГОРОД: Человек и есть все точки на карте, их система координат. Только человек может собрать безликие отметки на глобусе в маршрут, по одной ему ведомой причине, без его восприятия этих мест больше не существует...

You are invited to the exhibition of photographs by the 32DM Art Director Dasha Melnik, professional journalist and photographer, and the 5th International Karl Bulla photography competition laureate.


"I was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, where I have been working as a journalist for more than 10 years. Then life went up side down - I moved to Western Australia and found new home in Perth. Photography has always been something I liked and admire. I belive that every person, his or her body language, gestures, facial expressions etc. are full of stories wich are waiting to be reveated. Photography is a way to hear these stories. I learned to cach and keep them in the art of still image".