New Norcia - The only monastic town in Australia. Unique destination and Stolen paintings.

New Norcia - The only monastic town in Australia. Unique destination and Stolen paintings, brought back to life.

... It sounds like the formula to a rather comical Australian movie, a monastery, two bumbling thieves, a small country town and a plot to steal away with a collection of 26 paintings depicting religious scenes from the 17th ,18th and 19th centuries. But its no plot, in fact the it's the elements of a true-life story, which took place in the country town of New Norcia 20 years ago...

... Может показаться, что это подходящий сюжет для комедийного австралийского фильма - монастырь, небольшой провинциальный городок, и двое неуклюжих воров, прилетевших из Сиднея с целью украсть из коллекции музея 26 картин, в т.ч. эскиз Голова Апостола к картине, написанной в Мастерской Рафаэля. Однако, это не сюжет и не шутка, а события из реальной жизни, которые произошли здесь, в Нью Норсии около 20ти лет назад ...

All photos credit to Andrey Lugovskoy

Fedor Konyukhov - One Day in the Life of the Northam Airfield

New ideas, new projects, and new inspirations... Up and away: Fedor Konyukhov is already looking ahead to his next adventure just a day after breaking the world record for the fastest hot-air balloon circumnavigation of the Earth.

Представляем уникальные кадры и фрагменты фильма, снятые нами здесь, в Австралии, на летном поле Northam Airfield. Один день из жизни небольшого, но известного в Австралии и во всем мире аэродрома Northam Airfield.

С вами, как всегда, Команда 32 Degrees Media, Australia.

Welcome to the 16th Annual Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe Exhibition

16th Annual Cottesloe Exhibition | 6 – 23 March 2020 All the photos credit to Vitaly Tal Agron

Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe is staged on the beautiful Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia, the 32nd parallel. The exhibition is featured from the sea wall all the way along the sand towards North Cottesloe and on the surrounding grassed areas creating a beautiful sculpture park. Access to Cottesloe Beach can be made from the ramps or stairs at different locations along Marine Parade.

"ANTIPODE's View on Europe" Art Show: Modern Gladiator

Human as the one and only coordinate system in our world... /Australian journalist and photographer DASHA MELNIK /

Путешествие есть победа над жизнью /Николай Рерих/

Новый Гладитор на представленном на выставке фото? ПОЧУВСТВАТЬ ГОРОД: Человек и есть все точки на карте, их система координат. Только человек может собрать безликие отметки на глобусе в маршрут, по одной ему ведомой причине, без его восприятия этих мест больше не существует...

You are invited to the exhibition of photographs by the 32DM Art Director Dasha Melnik, professional journalist and photographer, and the 5th International Karl Bulla photography competition laureate.


"I was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, where I have been working as a journalist for more than 10 years. Then life went up side down - I moved to Western Australia and found new home in Perth. Photography has always been something I liked and admire. I belive that every person, his or her body language, gestures, facial expressions etc. are full of stories wich are waiting to be reveated. Photography is a way to hear these stories. I learned to cach and keep them in the art of still image".



Интервью с геологом, путешественником и замечательным фотографом из Зап. Австралии, Ольгой Бирдус.

Вступил в силу полный запрет на восхождение на Улуру... Покорить Эверест... Покорить Улуру...? Или все же познавать природу и вживаться в этот мир?

The Eighth Wonder of the World, Red Mountain, Sacred Place... Tour operators barely coped with their everyday tasks with tourists queuing already in a kilometer’ length line to get to the Uluru top. But what will happen next with this Sacred Reserve?

We are discussing the upcoming total ban on climbing Uluru (Ayers Rock), with geoscientist Olga Birdus, and the date the climb will close, 26 October 2019, will be 34 years to the day since Uluru was given back to the traditional owners.

Восьмое Чудо Света, Красная Гора, Священное Место - все это УЛУРУ - одно из природных чудес Австралии, которую скоро закроют для посещения туристов.

Туроператоры едва справляются с наплывом туристов, и если на фотографиях нашего сегодняшнего собеседника, геолога из Зап.Австралии Ольги Бирдус, которая побывала в знаменитом заповеднике в 2015 году, мы можем увидеть практически пустынную дорогу наверх, то сегодня там выстраивается очередь на восхождение длиною в километр.

Что будет дальше с заповедником, сохранится ли паломничество туристов со всего мира к подножию Улуру через 3 месяца, когда полный запрет вступит в силу?

“Spring in New York” Art Show

Human as the one and only coordinate system in our world... /Dasha Melnik/

Путешествие есть победа над жизнью /Николай Рерих/**

ПОЧУВСТВАТЬ ГОРОД: Человек и есть все точки на карте, их система координат. Только человек может собрать безликие отметки на глобусе в маршрут, по одной ему ведомой причине, без его восприятия этих мест больше не существует...

“SPRING in NEW YORK” ART SHOW created and directed by the Australian journalist and photographer DASHA MELNIK.

“Photography has always been something I liked and admire. I do believe that every person, his or her body language, gestures, facial expressions are full of stories, and those stories are just waiting to be revealed”.

Times Square

Heart of the Theater District and of New York City. “Big lights will inspire you” – and it’s definitely the case when you’re standing in the center of the fascinating square which has the world’s largest concentration of billboards.

Radio City Music Hall

It’s an Art Deco style musical hall and a part of Rockefeller Centre. It had started operating in 1932 and since then became a legend. It looks spectacular at night - with that magenta lights that you can see far away on the distance and never miss out.

Grand Central

The main information booth in the center of the concourse is the most popular meeting spot for New Yorkers. But if your friend was late, you wouldn’t notice how the time passed - just looking up at the astronomical ceiling with the signs of the Zodiac and 2500 stars.

Brooklyn Botanic garden /cherry bloom/

It’s the most popular spring destination to catch the cherry blossoms. Charming pink forest where you can get lost and forget that you are in the middle of the city. One of the locals shared her emotions about that magic time - “it’s spring, true spring in New York, I’ve been waiting for it the whole year, and only these two weeks are the most precious for me in the city”.

Heroes of New York

The Nobel Prize in Literature Joseph Brodsky joked - “New York could be described only by Superman... if he was able to write poetry”. New York desperately demands super heroes, but any super hero would look like as a little kid on the city’s background.

Closer to the Gods

Finally, the puzzles make sense – people are building towers to fake mountains. Being in the heart of New York you can experience the same feeling as if you would be in the Alps. Being among the clouds make you feel closer to your Gods.

Brooklyn Bridge

Did you know that if Brooklyn Bridge was completely washed it would be light pink?

Originally, Brooklyn Bridge was constructed to connect poor neighborhoods of Brooklyn and luxury Manhattan. Brooklyn invested its own funds into this construction to break the wall between 2 contrast worlds.


I don’t know if New Yorkers are very religious people or not – but every day thousands of people just come to the churches to listen to the beautiful music and enjoy some magic that happening there.

Statue of Liberty

The main and the simplest symbol of New York and democracy. However, it is very tricky to reach this famous lady. As a true French mademoiselle, she is flirting with us by changing her outfit from dull bronze to aristocratic green (verdigris), which looks very elegant in purple lights of the sunset.

Top of the Rocks

I spent half of the day on top of the roof of Rockefeller center observing people behind the window who had spent 6-8 hours in a line obsessed with desire to catch only 3 minutes to take selfie with ridiculously legendary Empire State Building.

Guggenheim Museum

It doesn’t matter what you know about modern art. The building is so unique that it is an art work on its own right, which is why many visitors coming not only for art – they coming to appreciate the building itself. It’s a labyrinth in which you need to reach the final destination to realize the concept of modern art.

Central Park

I dedicated one entire day exploring Central Park, the only little piece of fresh air in New York. My biggest discovery was that you can find a lot of turtles in the middle of the busiest city. You will be surprised by this huge contrast between peaceful, green park and the city that never sleeps, people who always run… It is a quintessence of the world balance. Maybe ancient people were right and the world supported on the back of the turtle?

American dream

I don’t believe in American dream. Do you? But the only thing I definitely know – that Big Apple can bring all you want, it’s just the matter of knowing what your true and sincere desire is…

Happy and Sad

You can be happy or sad, this city will cause emotions in any way. Nobody cares frankly speaking. But this city will stay in your memory, in your heart forever, like coca cola…

Margaret River - Sense of Adventure

TRAVELOGUE: Margaret River Region. Dasha Melnik will help you to find out why the Margaret River region is known globally for its Mediterranean climate, wine, beaches, world-class surf, sense of adventure, all tucked away in Australia's south-west corner.

  • TRAVELOGUE Featured Stories. English subtitles available.

CAUSE TO CONVERSE Interview Series : Citizen of the World’ vs Unity of Disunited’ concept

Тема разговора: "Общность разобщенных" или мы все же "Граждане мира"?

Не терять, а приумножать, и не подменять одну культуру другой

Да, я люблю говорить на русском языке, но все же я люблю говорить на нем с друзьями... Today's Topic: What's in a Citizen of the World* concept?.. And is it indeed a common and comfortable feeling for a modern person who lives intellectually, morally and physically in our present world? Studio Guest: Vitaliy Agron

Серия интервью ПОВОД ПОГОВОРИТЬ Тема разговора: "Общность разобщенных" или мы все же "Граждане мира"? Гость студии - Виталий Агрон

"... Конечно, многие люди сегодня уже пожили в двух странах и более, но я как бы прочувствовал это на всю катушку, так сказать. Я полностью интегрировался два раза, я видел все это изнутри, и могу сказать только одно - я получил от этих двух иммиграцией хорошую инъекцию де-патриотизма, если это можно так назвать. Я уверен, что человек, независимо от того где он находится, должен все-таки думать своей головой..."

...Итак, в нашем современном мире люди гораздо более мобильны, и многие из нас уже успели увидеть мир... Однако, часто ли вам приходилось встречать человека который позиционирует себя как профессиональный иммигрант... Что эта фраза означает для него самого, в первую очередь, ... и что за ней стоит - образ жизни? философия? Гость нашей студии сегодня - геолог Виталий Агрон, которого судьба за последние четверть века забрасывала от России до Израиля и Японии, и от австралийской глубинки до Китая и Аляски...